• Pushkash - Herbst in der Altstadt

Nürnberg, Deutschland

Pushkash - Herbst in der Altstadt

1,750.00 €

Material: Öl auf Leinwand
Entstehungsjahr: 2023
Grösse: 99 x 99 cm
Rahmung: ungerahmt

Über das Werk: In this vibrant work, I aimed to evoke the essence of an old town as it transitions into autumn. Utilizing oil paints, I embraced impressionism and semi-abstraction to convey the dance of light and color. Swirling hues of gold, orange, and blue reflect both the cooling air and the warmth retained in the ancient stones of the buildings. This painting is meant to bring a sense of nostalgic warmth and dynamic energy to any space it inhabits.

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