• Maria Saleh - Brigitte Bardot

keine Angabe, Deutschland

Maria Saleh - Brigitte Bardot

3,200.00 €

Material: Mixed Media auf Leinwand
Entstehungsjahr: 2023
Grösse: 100 x 80 cm
Rahmung: gerahmt, Schattenfugenrahmen

Über das Werk: In this captivating artwork, I cast the iconic Brigitte Bardot in a mystic light, where she's immersed in the art of fortune-telling. Created with a captivating blend of acrylics, spray paint, airbrush, and mixed media, this piece marries the allure of Bardot with the intrigue of abstract colors.

A Symphony of Techniques
My creative process is an intricate symphony of techniques. Acrylics lend depth and texture to Bardot's portrayal, while the interplay of spray paint and airbrushing creates an ethereal ambiance. These elements combine to blur the lines between reality and abstraction, inviting exploration.

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