Michael Polixmair

Salzburg, Österreich



Über die Kunst
2005 Exhibition of paintings at Ambiente, Kledering, Austria
2006 Participation art festival PARQUE DEL SOL, St. Pölten, Austria
> conceptual art
2007 Participation art festival PARQUE DEL SOL, St. Pölten, Austria
> action-art
2008 Exhibition of paintings in Wiener Swinger Vernissage, Club Underground, Vienna,
28.03.2011 Vernissage Love*Liebe*Ljubav Generali Center Vienna
Gruppenausstellung bis 22.04.2011

Über den Künstler
In his childhood the artist already practised conceptual art unconsciously.
All of his room interior he painted skyblue, many old telephones and paving stones lay on the floor. Out of newspaper and papier maché he made life-size dolls, which he placed all over the room. So he created his first own dreamworld, just for himself.
The artist´s interest in art developed rapidly; information he got out of artbooks, as well as through visits of art exhibitions and conversations with other artists. In particular he was busy with chromatics, colour symbolism, knowledge of material and above all a long time with body language.
2005 he moved in his first official atelier and within one year 100 artworks were created. These were exhibited in Ambiente (Kledering/Schwechat, Austria), but at this time Polixmair prohibited selling the works, because each artwork was part of this huge longtime-project.
Polixmair´s experiences flew into many paintings, that the artist consciously encoded for outsider (and also for himself), for example through the use of action painting.
Dreamtyp is the type who dreams and who transfers his dreams with paintbrush and colours on canvas.



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