Anita Eszter Molnar

Anita Eszter Molnar
Zürich, Schweiz



My name is Anita Eszter, I am a Hungarian artist based in Switzerland, Zürich.
Drawing was always an important part of my life. Since little I discovered how I could express my feelings, my moods and myself thought paintings. My art aims to examine the world from a my own unique perspective. There is always something to explore; something I find engaging. I begin with a fleeting idea and then I let my feelings and imagination be my guide.
For me, the process of making art is personal... it is instinctual.
Currently I dedicate myself to digital, watercolor and mixed media artist. I am specializing in Portrait & Illustrations, but also Tattoo design is becoming an important part of my creation.

Here, you will become part of my word.

For any special art suggestion, please get directly in contact
with me



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